For Your Eyes Only

Only for you baby... 06012010 forever

You’re super duper sexy in that video though… It makes me wanna be with you so bad-___-


Butt trumpet.

Lmfaoo it was ONE toot!

You also like playing your butt trumpet. XD

Did I mention that I appreciate it when we can talk and act like best friends? Cuz yeah, that’s one more thing. I love it.

Never Ms. Gassy ;)

I appreciate how hard you’re trying to change things about yourself..
I’m sorry that I haven’t made completely effective and visible changes…
I appreciate when you speak completely calmly to me even though you’re upset…
I appreciate that you don’t just up and leave…
I appreciate that you’re here to stay…
I appreciate that you tell me over and over again that you love me; that I’m your one and only; that I’m yours forever; that nothing can change any of that..
In the end,
I appreciate YOU.
Never doubt it..

Fuck your friend.

Friends are friends.
I get it.
But when your friends say one thing about us or me or you.
Doesn’t matter.
He may remain your friend but he shall be my hater
How dare he say a word about my future. Our future.
How dare he say it and somehow you don’t see it.
How dare he say it and still remain your friend.
I would have dropped him if he had ever said it to my face.
That goes to anyone.
Your so called friend doesn’t have the right to say my name or say a word about our relationship. Your friend can stay the hell away from me. And if i had to choose. He would stay away from you. To me it doesn’t matter if he said it just once. HE SAID IT. Could have been a year ago. Could have been last night. He said it.
Your friend will never have my respect. He doesn’t deserve one bit of it. Your friend should next time say his shit to me or when I’m around. I will not dust it off that easily. I guarantee it.

Please erase Frankie from your memory completely. Also meaning; do not relate US to how you two were.
Please never let me hear her name from your mouth especially if it is to compare how she was to how I am.
Greatly appreciative.

Why do you keep adding her? Better yet, why do I keep having to tell you to undo it. Swear, it happens again, all promises of fb friends are off the table. I’m tired of being tested. Stop doing this to me.

Ouch ouch ouch. You hurt me-____-

How mad would you be if I told you that I need you.. And that.. I love you? *click*

I love you, I always will. —Louann Rose