For Your Eyes Only

Only for you baby... 06012010 forever

You’re all I ever think about… I’m lost without you..

Can we just be happy…?
—louann rose

Hey babee… It’s a lil after 9 on Sunday… I’m missin you like crazy… True love huh? You’re all that I can think about.. Everything I see or hear reminds me of you.. I hope you’re having more fun than I am.. It sucks feeling this way, trust me. This is the only way to talk to you as if it’s a real convo even though it’s not..
Well babe… I love you..
Come back home… I miss you.
—louann rose

Hey baby…
I miss you so much..
I feel like my eyes are gonna leak:o
I know.. It’s stupid.. But it’s me..
I love you so much.. You’re all I think about.
I can’t wait til Tuesday.. I’ll be with you again.
Goodnight babee.. I love you so much..
12:08am Saturday/Sunday
—louann rose

"everything don’t mean a thing if I ain’t got you with me baby"

I love you so much
I miss you…
—louann rose

As promised….
I love you babygirl…
Your my everything…
I’ll be back soon…

Probably not what you want…
Come check this tomorrow around 1…
You’ll see…

I hope you finally write on here baby, I love you.
—Louann Rose

I don’t even have enough tears to cry over this argument.. Could be a good thing I guess. I shouldn’t waste my tears anymore..

I love you


Baby… It was bound to happen but trust… We wount let that happen just yet… I’d get if we were engaged and it happened… That’s different… But not now boo


How…? I’ve had my heart and soul in my dream of waiting til marriage.. So these thoughts and feelings freak me out..


Dont stress it… Its all good… You know when your ready for it…

Re: #1

Yeah.. But that’s the thing… I’m not ready emotionally… I know that for a fact.. But I feel like it crosses my mind alot now. And I feel like you’re becoming anxious like you want more than what I’m giving… And I hate having to say no soooo many times in a row but it’s like… I’m not comfortable with some things still.. It’s confusing/: